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How to Kill A Dead Man

When the C.I.A. comes knocking, Rodney and Bricker must protect a Russian defector at the Agency safe house for the weekend. But after the worst happens, they’re left trying to bring a dead man back to life. Long enough to kill him again. Download on iTunes iHeartRadio Youtube And anywhere[…]

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The CamPI-ing Trip

Stories about a terrifying monster on Squint’s land force the P.I.s to miss their annual convention and sends Rodney and the gang out into the wilderness to track it down. As they wait for the monster to appear they look back into their checkered pasts, but they may find that[…]

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A missing person’s case leads Rodney deep undercover in a nefarious cult and now he’ll have to use all his crime fighting savvy to avoid cult warfare, escape certain doom, and claim his per diem. If he can wake up that is… Download on iTunes iHeartRadio Youtube And anywhere fine[…]

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