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After City Limits

The taxi bumped block after block as Emil watched the streetlights flick past him above. The street numbers counted down until he was at the bridge, and then onto the highway out of the city. The traffic fanned out and Emil sped up, hoping this fare wouldn’t run him late.[…]

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I Will Love You From Here

Jack sat under red skies that night watching the last boats row out to the three billowing smokestacks of the ship at the mouth of the harbour. The neat porthole rows lit the ridges on the backs of soft waves as the last skiffs slipped through them silently. Rosalee and[…]

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After So Long

This illustration is by Philip Isard based on a short story by Michael Daly   FULL TEXT Stuart took a yellowed photograph of himself at six-years-old from his briefcase. He passed it through the wicket to the desk sergeant who pushed up his glasses. “I’d like to file a missing[…]

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