As Rodney stalls on his latest case, he recruits a sidekick from an unlikely place. Their first case as a disasterous duo puts their partnership to the test as they search for the hidden motives of a mad scientist.

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Written and Directed by

Michael Daly


Vince Tkaczuk  as

Rodney Spitz, PI

Michael Daly as

Squint – Andrew Roilingberry – Dr. Jekyllstone


Jessica Tremaine as

Sam the Horse – Dariana Rangersmith – Rash

Produced, Recorded, and Engineered by Michael Daly

Release Date: January 2017

Running Time: 36 minutes

“Jalahandar” “Rags to Riches Rag” “Final Battle of the Dark Wizards” “Happy Boy Theme” “Willow and the Light” “Road to Kilcoo”  “Deadly Roulette” “Storefront” “Dreamy Flashback” “Lost Time” and “Zig Zag” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Rodney Spitz, P.I.

 ©2017 Michael Daly

Rodney Spitz, PI is an original comedy podcast available for free wherever fine podcasts are found.