Rodney thought he’d hung up his guns and soiled trenchcoat until Reno tracks him down and asks Rodney to join his posse to defeat evil pickle baron Josiah Sweetwater and save his hometown. Rodney’s back and the mayhem is bigger than ever because this time: he’s unlicensed! Hee Haw! It’s a Western!

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written and directed by

Michael Daly & Vince Tkaczuk

Consulting Producer

David Rose


Vince Tkaczuk as

Rodney Spitz – Reno – Joey

Michael Daly as

Bricker – Josiah Sweetwater – Bane ‘lookin Mercenary


Kristopher Bowman as

Carole The Magician – Douglas the Cyberhacker

Ellie Anglin as


David Rose as

Cousin Elwyn

Produced, Recorded, and Engineered by Michael Daly

Rodney Spitz, PI is an original comedy podcast available for free wherever fine podcasts are found.

Release Date: January 2014

Running Time: 34 minutes

Rodney Spitz, P.I.

©2014 Michael Daly